We all face fluctuations in our life. Sometimes, we feel Up and sometimes Down and this changes our mood and behaviour too. We feel happy and satisfied in our good times, and just opposite in our downtime.

But there are some people who experience the negative feelings of life intensely, and to be precise without having any specific reason. These feelings can be because of Stress, Relationships, Career Problems, Self-Esteem Issues, Social Rejections etc.These feelings are so intense in nature that a person starts secluding himself from his social environment. And when being asked about the reason, they actually say “I am okay!”

And this is called “A Depression” – a state of mind where we feel severe despondency and dejection.

Depression, though being a common, is a serious condition that affects you in complete negatively manner, and where you will be affecting your mental health and as well as your physical health.

Depression makes a person to feel always low in mood, guilty and worthless.


We all go through some negative thoughts in our mind, but it get fades away with day by day, but if these negativity approach doesn’t leaves you and you are depressed for more than two weeks, and also feeling miserable, guilty and worthless, you should consult with your doctor.

At the same time, not everyone face all the symptoms of depression.


  • Always there is a feeling of Sick and Dullness.
  • Sleeping Disorders – either feeling Excessively Sleepy or Insomniac.
  • Poor or Change in Appetite.


  • Start secluding from social environment.
  • Feeling of dejection.
  • Crying for No Reason.
  • Becomes Alcoholic or get Addicted to Wrong Habits.
  • Poor Concentration.


  • “Nothing Good Ever Happens to Me”
  • “I am A Failure”
  • “I am Worthless.
  • “My Future is Dark”
  • “Life is not Worth Living”


  • Irritable
  • Indecisive
  • Frustrated
  • Lack of Confidence.

If you or someone you know are facing Depression or facing above mentioned symptoms, Please consult your Doctor and Seek an Expert Advice and Get Support. Do not Ignore.”


When we are Depressed, we feel lonely, so therefore the best treatment for this serious condition is TALK THERAPY. Talk Therapy is an extremely effective treatment for depression. Talk to the person who is depressed, ask him the reason behind being depressed, and more importantly Listen to him properly. In Depression, it becomes very difficult to express our feelings. Here, it feels like we are in dark and captured and unable to flee. So, Talk to Them!

Know the Reason of Depression. Sometimes, we feel too much depressed because of some medical grounds also. Prolonged Illness, Postpartum Depression, etc. can be the reason of some sort of depression. Here, in this case, the change of environment is very important. Create a happy living atmosphere, indulge in hobby-ideas, and social get-together generates a lot of positivism in life. So, know the reason and Act upon it.

Exercise. Regular exercise can be very much effective in treating depression as medication. It regulates the growth of new brain cells and also boost up the “feel-good” hormones.

Proper Diet. The proper intake of meals and having a balanced diet gives you more energy and power to work up on your daily routine. Eat-well and Live-well.

Medication, Expert Advice & Support. Despite of knowing everything about depression, it is always good to take an expert advice and support and also to follow the medications. This all will help to get faster recovery and good health.

Apart from the above-mentioned treatments there can be a lot many other ways too, but the main thing is to follow them. Remember, Depression is a serious illness, but it’s a CURABLE. Take proper Action in Correct time. There is never too late to Give Help or Seek Help.


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