Teenage And Perfectionism


“Teenage‘ is the age group or within the age range of 13 years to 19 years, and the person who falls in this age bracket is called as a Teenager.

Teenage is an adolescence phase of life and often remarked as the stage of physical and the psychological development.

Perfectionism‘ is a psychological term which defines a particular personality trait of a person, wherein a person always strive for flawless performance and also try to gather applause and concern for others. So, when teenagers (or teens) run towards perfection, it shows that they are trying to copy style and behavior and sometimes even the lifestyle of others of whom they call up as an Idols.

Perfectionism is neither a mental disorder nor a state of depression but it often results in anxiety which further leads to loneliness and guilty. Such teens are in fear always. Fear of making mistakes, fear of which signifies failure and worthlessness.

So how can we understand that this teenager is having this perfectionist trait?

1. If he/she feels horrible for not accomplishing certain targeted goals.

2. If he/she is a Procrastinator.

3. If a child carries a fear of getting abandoned, if not become a Perfectionist.

4. Gets Short-tempered when with other people who are less than perfect.

Being a parent, it is highly necessary to help our teens to avoid carrying this trait. So, the following could be few of the remedies to this issue.


Step 1: Define Perfectionism to your child- First, try to educate your child about what perfectionism is all about. What are the consequences attached to it? Help them to understand its real side-effects. Perfectionism makes us over critical and anxious about everything. It becomes difficult to finish tasks with fun and enjoyment which results in frustration for everyone in family and friends.


Step 2: Teach positive statement- Speak up the positive statements like, “I will try my best next time”, “All fine, no one is perfect”, “Believe in you, even when you make mistake”. These statements generate the positivity in the environment and help to boost up the morale and confidence among the teens.


Step 3: Overcome Procrastination- Most of the teens become Procrastinator because they fear of failure or making mistakesEncourage them to set some realistic goals in life and make them understand about priorities and how to gain balance in accomplishing a certain task.


Remember, a Perfectionistic teen will become a Perfectionistic Adult which may carry a load of anxiety and loneliness. So, it will be good if we intervene them Today so as to make their Future happier.


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